In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world suddenly seemed to have clicked the pause button, roads were closed. Work was halted, schools were closed; this resulted in the disruption in the education of 1.2 billion students and youth across the world. Slowly – we all noticed that people were embracing technology to not only connect and communicate – but to learn, work and study.

Total duration of school closure. Courtesy UNESCO

The world of education faced a daunting challenge: how to adapt to the sudden shift towards virtual teaching. CurveUp embarked on a transformative journey, blending pedagogical excellence with cutting-edge technology.  The program’s success not only simplified the virtual learning experience but also illuminated a path for educators and institutions to navigate the evolving educational landscape. And now, Bootup is gearing up for its next chapter, shaping the future of education.

Where Pedagogical Excellence Meets Technology

CurveUp’s approach was grounded in a student-centric digital pedagogy that emphasized experiential learning and dynamic engagement. The initiative aimed to enhance educators’ capabilities in several critical areas:

๐Ÿ– Recognising Remote Learning Dynamics: Educators developed a deep understanding of remote synchronous learning and adapted their teaching strategies to the virtual environment.

๐Ÿ– Facilitating Effective Engagement: Facilitation techniques were applied to manage energy levels and enhance engagement in virtual classrooms, fostering an interactive and participatory learning environment.

๐Ÿ– Mastering Delivery in Virtual Space: Educators learned to employ appropriate aids and techniques for effective virtual teaching, ensuring impactful content delivery.

Learning and Development Design

The 10-week Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) course was meticulously designed to address the multifaceted challenges of virtual teaching.  The “Design-Deliver-Engage” (DDE) technique was used to bring facilitative learning into digital pedagogy. The program’s design emphasized the importance of onboarding, mentoring, training, and other activities. The onboarding kit that the participants received tangibly via post for 100% online programme, up until the virtual graduation that the programme wrapped up with, the learners were actively involved and being invested in the programme. The course structure encompassed various modules, including Experiential Learning, Technology Integration, Managing Learners, and Teacher as a Facilitator.

Graphic framing of the 10 week course on Virtual Classroom Training

One of the most impactful components of the program was the Practicum, where teachers designed and delivered their own engaging virtual content, aligning with Bloom’s Taxonomy to demonstrate comprehension, application, and creativity. The teachers were also exposed to L&D design skills; this enabled them to collaborate and design their own engaging lesson online. The true example of โ€˜Teachers as Learning Designersโ€™ resulted through VCT, where we were able to empower the teachers with such skills so they can self-sustain in the digital learning space. 

True educational success is seen when teachers design the learning experience that caters directly and inclusively to the students.

Amra Iuoop, L&D Architect

Diverse Reach and Impactful Results

VCT reached a diverse group of educators, including young teachers from state schools, non-state schools, and universities in Sri Lanka. The program’s customization addressed differences in technological familiarity and digital access, ensuring a personalized learning journey. Over the course of a year, 100 teachers were empowered through VCT. 

CurveUp’s unique delivery methods, including facilitative training, graphic framing, and game-based learning, engaged educators effectively. Live sessions immersed educators in real-world scenarios, promoting practical understanding and application. The integration of technology, including tools like Zoom, Padlet, Jamboard, and Miro, enhanced engagement during live sessions.

Innovative Grounding Tools for Enhanced Learning

One of the most significant innovations of VCT was the introduction of “grounding tools.”  These tools served as centralized hubs, consolidating content, activities, and engagement features into a single platform, simplifying access and fostering cohesion. Google Sites, Microsoft Sway, Nearpod, and Microsoft Notes were among the grounding tools employed, enhancing engagement and setting a precedent for advancements in virtual education.

Continuous Assessment and Community Building

To measure progress and ensure sustainable impact, BootUp used continuous assessment through assignments, discussions, and a culminating Practicum. A robust feedback mechanism collected valuable insights on content, structure, and delivery. Community building played a crucial role, as BootUp facilitated collaboration and networking among educators through WhatsApp groups, further nurturing the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Scaling for the Future

VCT introduced a game-changing process innovation for teachers and level up their delivery in a virtual space. This process innovation not only streamlined the virtual learning experience but also showcased the potential for transformative change in how educators engage with students. By simplifying access, enhancing engagement, and optimizing content delivery, VCT has illuminated a path for educators and institutions to navigate the evolving educational landscape.

As the realm of education evolves, so does the demand for cutting-edge teaching methodologies. Embrace the next step in your career progression with BootUpโ€™s latest offering – โ€˜AI-Powered Teachingโ€™ or โ€˜APTโ€™. In this exciting new course, youโ€™ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to harness the power of AI tools to enhance your teaching process. In a rapidly changing educational landscape, mastering AI-powered teaching is not just an option; itโ€™s a vital asset that can elevate your impact and effectiveness as an educator.

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